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From the Writer's/Complainer's Desk - Sport's World 41

Another 20 chapters down. I'm more than two thirds of the way through the book. Today saw the big reveal, where the team finds out what the main character has been up to. I was expecting something more full than I managed, but... Well...

As I mentioned last time, I've been a bit busy with my day job. The threats of weekend work came true. I was working for almost two straight weeks with barely a break. You may have noticed by my blog title, but I'm three chapters behind schedule at this point. That's because work keeps popping up during my usually scheduled writing time, even on days that are supposed to be off. They know I write, they know I'm trying to write while they're bugging me.

All things considered, yes, I could be a lot further behind. I could be on chapter ten still. But even what I am writing isn't all that great. This book feels like it will be relying heavily on editing, once that comes around next year. There are scenes that I just feel like I'm not doing my best at. But there were books that I've written before where I had to rewrite entire chapters during editing. Heck, In Time for Prom got a heavy rewrite twice. I'm no stranger to overhauling a book.

My writing doesn't have to be perfect the first time around, and it seldom is. (Not never, but seldom). Writing is all about shoveling enough crap into a box. Editing is turning that crap into something edible. Something beautiful. Something I'd be proud to share with everyone.

Editing is next year.

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