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Crowbarland's Alphabet

Crowbarland Apps

We have an app listed in the Google Store for NJTransit Train Alerter, a little app that will inform you when your train is late or moves tracks. Only works for NJ Transit and only for android.

Crowbarland Books

Why, this is what you're here for, no? The books can be found on the Books page.

Crowbarland Chronicles

A subset of my books. These are the books that make up the anthology series, starting with In Time for Prom, and culminating in Missing Mars.

Crowbarland Data

My day job. I am not currently looking for a new opportunity, as I am trying to focus on making my talent job into my career. However, it pays the bills.

Crowbarland Entertainment

The parent company, so to speak. Everything and anything I do that might resemble work to other people, though I enjoy every minute of... most of it.

Crowbarland F...

Sorry, I do not currently have an F to give.

Crowbarland Games

I have a VR capable game as a work in progress. Games Night. It was meant to be a cross platform game that would let people play Werewolf, and similar party games, in a VR setting, running on all VR and non-VR systems. This project was put on hold to prioritize Books and Data.

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