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Death World (Chronological Order)

Pass the Death
Pass the Death

To some, it looks like a normal, innocuous, black pebble. It has been smoothed and shined over the years of hiding out in people's pockets, making its surface almost reflective. All the better to see the undead stalking you from behind. Because this stone isn't a normal stone. It is the death stone, and you're just as likely to die from seeing it as from the undead that stalk the world. No one knows where the death stone came from, or how long it's been creating the undead that have ravaged half the world. All they know is that it can't be stopped, it can't be destroyed, and it's only a matter of time before it goes off again, creating more undead, and killing all that were unlucky enough to be close by.

Griffin, Annette, and Julian were set to be the death stone's next victims. When they found the death stone in their nut jar, they immediately took it to the mayor of their small town of Cly Catar, in the hopes that maybe there was a way to get rid of it forever. But the death stone would have none of that. He wasn't done playing with the world, or his newfound toys. After all, these three humans seem way to fun not to play with them.

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