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From the Writer's Desk - Prairie Queen 6

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Prairie Queen, the sequel to Mountain Princess, is starting to form before me. The book was more about addressing the loose threads that I had intentionally left loose through the first book, things I hinted at for possible sequels, than any specific desire to wrote a sequel.

I have an idea for the main plot of this book specifically, largely based around the politics of Talia and Adrial's relationship while Talia is trying to be queen, in a world where same sex relationships aren't just frowned upon, but straight up don't happen. But so much of this book is falling into the politics side of things, and not so much on the romance. On things that I'm used to writing about.

Yes, there's always growth as a writer. Dipping into things that I'm not good at writing so that I can get better at writing them. The start of Mountain Princess had been largely centered around politics as well, until everything went to hell. But with this one, there is no big shift between the book I started with and the one I enjoyed writing. The politics is the book, at least until the climax.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to focus more on the intrigue and the conspiring between the Hillanders, behind the Lollanders' backs, rather than the politics of ruling. But if I lean too far in that direction, the clashing between Talia and Adrial would seem too contrived. So much of this book is going to be a balancing act. I just hope that I'm up to it. That I didn't put this book in on my schedule before I was ready to write it.

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