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From the Writer's Desk - The Darkness Within

The first draft of another book is now completed. That's 31 books written so far. This time around, it's The Darkness Within, the book that I had tried to write during my write-a-thon last year. While I haven't read the whole thing through just yet, I'm thinking it's a lot better than I had been thinking it was back when I first started writing it in December. It's just that the book that it was, that I had always wanted it to be, wasn't the best to try to write during a write-a-thon. Largely, one that was more drama, a more drawn out story, rather than the usual, action packed adventure novels.

With The Darkness Within, I had wanted to do something that was more adventure adjacent. All the important, action-y stuff happens off scene, as the action character is the love interest, rather than the main character. So, most of what you get from that is second hand, told by Luna and Lieutenant Marks. Jenny, the main character, is more like someone that would be on the sidelines in such stories before. The person brought on into the adventure to be the love interest of the action hero. The one to make it seem like the hero is worth cheering for. Only, they have their own story that's just as interesting.

So, now that I have another book under my belt, I'll be moving on to some editing. As it is, I hit my schedule target to be ahead enough in my schedule to get Cary Simms 3 (The New Testament) in before NaNoWriMo (but I'll need to write 2 chapters a day for 45 days straight). This is going to be interesting. But on the far side, I'll have just enough room between 2022 and 2023 for 6 whole books. Woot.

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