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From the Event Desk - New Year, New Events

The event desk is only just starting to open up for 2022. This year, we'll be heading to IABX and Collingswood again, as well as Jersey Pride. Applications for all three are in (though I still need to send out the deposit for Jersey Pride). Books have been ordered, some of which have arrived. Covid is (mostly) over, and certainly will be by June. This years is already looking up.

As always, my upcoming events are available on my schedule page. It's still pretty empty, with just the three of them. But, I figure, as my following grows, so too will my calendar. Especially once I get to a point where I can quit my day job. But, unfortunately, that's not happening this year. So, we're limited to just the three for now.

The first event this year is Jersey Pride on June 5th. Yes, that's a Sunday. Yeah, I didn't pick it. I had signed up to do this event last year as well, but it was canceled due to Omicron. Looking forward to showcasing my LGBT inclusive books there in just a few months.

Soon after I put in the application, I ordered my stock books. They're starting to come over the next week or so, with a good portion of them coming today. Unfortunately, Amazon decided to print and ship them by title, instead of as a whole. So, this was my porch today.

They look much nicer now, though, all tucked away in a single box. Well, the second box. I still have my box from last year. Plus, well, the rest of the books are going into a third one. I used the extra envelopes as cushion between the piles of books, so less waste that way.

We should be all set to go by the time these events come around. I've ordered enough for all three events (hopefully), so I'm not likely to run out between them. I hope to see some of you out there this year. More specific details will be posted here as they become available.

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