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From the Event Desk - IABX 2022

I know, I know, this is quite late. It's been three whole days since the event. I should have posted something sooner, right. Well, here it is.

Out in the August heat, on a table far too small for my growing display. The wind coming from behind the banner was strong when it was blowing, with many of my neighbors having their own displays knocked down often over the course of the day. But the wind brought some relief from that heat, where not much relief could be found.

The kisses lasted a couple of hours before they were all melted. I will not be doing candies going forward, as it never really drew in new sales. Certainly not at IABX. A few of the candies did go early on, before they melted, but those that took them didn't stick around long.

I got a few new additions to my mailing list, which I didn't have last year. However, only a few of them bought something at the event. From the two years I've been doing this, I feel like IABX is missing one pretty key part of the whole event process. Namely, attendees.

I'm not quite sure just home many people came by, but it wasn't many. I feel like I spoke with less than twenty attendees, and only five of them bought anything (one more than last year). I'm not sure if it is the season or if the event is just too new (with this being the ninth year) or if they just don't do enough advertising to draw in a decent crowd.

I gotta say, I'm going to have to rethink whether or not I want to come back there next year, though losing one of the three events I do a year isn't ideal. Maybe if there was something else to replace it with, I'd be more ready to do so. A lot depends on how well Cary Simms does, and how much I can put into promoting it. But then, next year's IABX is still a long way off, and I don't have to make any decisions just yet.

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