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From the Writer's Desk - Water's Eye 60

And just like that, Water's Eye is complete. In the end, it was just shy of 148k words. I'll probably edit it a little longer, with a brief scene at the end. But I still like the ending the way it is. All together, it came out about what I was expecting, maybe a bit better. It'll be interesting how the rest of the series shapes out.

But for the first time (or second, if you could Mountain Princess), I will not be rolling into the rest of the series right away. It's on my schedule, but the plan is to head around to other books, trying not to focus too much on a single series to the detriment of all my other ideas. It'll make it so that I can't go back and insert foreshadows or correct items that I'd want to retcon into place. What I wrote, once edited, will have to stay for the rest of the series, as well as the one to follow.

My next book will be Sports World, this year's NaNoWriMo. As I finished Writer's Eye a week ahead of time, that gives me that week to catch up on some of my non-writing, non-editing items. I've already wrote a synopsis for NOCHY Spy, got both NOCHY Fly and Spy up in ebook and print on demand, and put together the book cover for Sports World. It really is weird just how much I get done in a day when I'm not writing or editing. Then again, I'd like nothing more than to just focus on my writing and finally catch up on my now 43 scheduled books.

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