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From the Writer's Desk - Water's Eye 5

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Five chapters into Water's Eye, and I'm down to just three more scenes that I had planned out before writing the book. But all three are chapters off still... hopefully. I'm trying to stretch out the story, so they're not just thrown back into the thick of things right away. Even with that, the original plan for another quintet is feeling more like a trilogy to me.

So far, the chapters have mostly been about picking up the pieces left over from The Door to Victory, and all that had been happening to Maya in the previous series. Solidifying just how screwed up she is right now, and reminding/informing the reader of the events of the previous series, without it feeling like they're being hit over the head with a regurgitation of history. I think there's a nice flow of everything that's happened, while taking the story forward.

But with Chapter 6, which I should be writing tomorrow, I'll be moving away from the history and starting to take the characters closer to their next step. Closer to revealing the new big bad and all the reasons why it's going to fall to them to fix it. Again.

And a good portion of this book is going to be about the resistance from Maya to go on another adventure. She had been reluctant at best in the first series, pulled along by powers so far beyond her. This time, she'll have every reason in the worlds to stay behind. To keep out of it. But she's the only way for the others to return to Desparia. Her magic is the only one strong enough to work on Earth. But once she gets there, once she brings her friends back into danger, what's to stop her from just heading back home?

All in all, this is going to be an interesting book, and certainly a challenge for me to write in a way that stays true to the characters involved.

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