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From the Writer's Desk - Water's Eye 20

I'm 20 chapters in, a third of the way through by chapters, and almost 51k words written. We're starting to get to more of the action/adventure section of the book. And yet, my outlining is quite behind. Usually, by this point, I have a good idea on what is going to happen through chapter 45 or so. I barely have through 28 together in my head.

That's the problem with stubborn characters. Not just stubborn in their personality, but stubborn in me getting them to do what I want them to do. That's the thing about my way of writing. It's not me that's telling the story. It's the story that's shaping itself. I know how the characters are going to act, not what they're going to do. All I can do is throw the right stimulus into the mix. I can't make them react to it against their personality.

When I first introduced Meg, I was sure that Maya would confide in her about everything. That she could help her get over her issues. But as I wrote their interactions, it became clear that Maya wouldn't confide in her. Not that she doesn't trust her, despite only just meeting. Maya doesn't want to seem insane.

After the problems she had with her elementary school friends, the ones that had stopped hanging out with her when Janice moved to town, Maya doesn't want to chase off her new friend. She's afraid that, if Meg knew how crazy she was, she'd never want to hang out with her. That Meg would run away from her, just like Ashley and Jen. With Heather and the twins, they were there with her. They went through literal Hell with her. Maya is stuck with them, whether she likes it or not. But Meg is normal. Maya doesn't think she would understand.

Of course, she doesn't find out until later just how wrong she is.

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