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The Idea Factory - Unknown Super Heroes

This is a trilogy, starting with The Tomb of the Unknown Super Heroes. In the future, there is an epidemic of super powers, with everyone turning to super villains, carving up territory on the world stage. A group of freedom fighters hear stories of a group calling themselves the Unknown Super Heroes, moreover that some of them were buried in a cryo vault. The first book starts out with the freedom fighters breaking into the vault, but there's a super villain on their tail and they're only able to revive one of them before being forced to flee.

After the first chapter, the book follows the revived super hero. Except, they're not a real super hero. The Unknown Super Heroes were an online clan, crossing multiple MMO games. The revived person has no powers and has no idea how to help them. However, the freedom fighters have access to some tech and the gamer starts putting together ideas for how to use it to make their own super hero team.

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