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The Idea Factory - Snippets 2022

The following items are just snippets that are left over from last year. None of them came to a full book idea just yet, but there might be something there that I'll pick up later.

  • Adoption agency that places the offspring of witches that they kill, allowing those that don't become witches a normal life while monitoring them to watch for witch talent.

  • Foster kid that is also pregnant. They're moving to a new foster situation, but do the foster parents want the other kid or are they going to force them to give them up too? There's probably something that usually happens in these situations.

  • A psychopath with an "all the world is a stage" mentality thinks everyone is just pretending with emotions. That those flagged as psychopaths just are the ones that got caught or something?

  • What happens when the parents discover their children are missing when the children go off on a magical adventure

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