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The Idea Factory - My Sister's Killer

A retelling of The Wizard of Oz from the witch's point of view. She plays the hero there, with Dorothy as the villain. Everything is more realistic, less dreamlike. The old kingdom was split into four dukedoms, with East having halflings who tend to be lazy. East has to take a heavy hand with leading them. The west has mongbats, who are industrial. North has elves or fairies and south (the wizard) has humans. It starts with West talking to East in a scrying glass before the connection breaks. West panics and flies over there, worried the whole time. When she gets there, she finds out the worst has happened. Worse, the halflings are celebrating her sister's demise. She doesn't take it well. She spies on Dorothy as she makes her way through to the south, trying to get her arrested, but the magistrate considers it an accident. West takes matters into her own hands, which only makes things worse.

Each of the four have an artifact, with West having a broom and East the slippers, used to travel the realm. They are all left over from the old kingdom. When the wizard asks Dorothy to get the broom, the wizard us trying the "ground" her. Dorothy takes it too far, killing her.

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