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The Idea Factory - Skipping Stones

So, as I've said before, I've been a bit lax in my blogging. In part, yes, this is due to having a lot happening in my day job, and with my writing I'm just trying to keep up with my schedule, and get ahead a bit so that it's not so full for this year. In part, though, it's just because I don't have that much to say about it all. My writing generally speaks for itself. I am but a conduit to bring it to life.

However, there is one thing that's been coming up a lot lately that I figured I'd be able to share. That is... ideas. I'm endlessly bombarded by ideas for books, most of which will never make it into my schedule. I've gotten into the habit of writing it down in a list in an excel sheet, along with the day that I came up with it. But it doesn't really do anyone any good if it never sees the light of day. So, instead, I've decided to post them here. If there is interest in any of these ideas, over what is going into my schedule, my fans can try to convince me.

And so, without further ado, I give you, The Idea Factory:

Skipping Stones:

The book starts on a planet with bronze age technology, 21 years after the start of a war. The war was started and largely directed by a single man. The war is coming to a close upon the death of the man. An oracle tells the main character that it is time to leave the planet in the starship that's buried beneath their settlement. She brings her love interest, and an experienced pilot, and the three of them leave the rest of civilization behind. As they're exploring the universe, it's gradually revealed that the colony was the only colony of humans in the universe. Every few centuries, they're forced to flee their planet because of some event or another. Each time, they find a new world that shows promise at first, eventually decaying into what they had at the start of the war. The war had started due to the near death conditions of the colony, and actually extended the end of that society by the 21 years.

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