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The Idea Factory - Hypnotherapy For Beginners

Three months after a woman moved in with her fiancé, ahead of the wedding, she starts to feel tired all the time. At first, she thinks it's stress about the upcoming wedding and decides to go to therapy. The therapist suggests hypnotherapy to help relieve it. After a few sessions, she starts remembering things that didn't happen and thinks the therapist is doing something to her. She does research and finds that one of his patients went missing. As her conditions get worse, and she starts losing time, she goes to the cops about it all. They were already looking into the man and with her added testimony, they arrest him.

She goes home that night, and the pictures have been changed. She thinks it happened gradually without her noticing. Most of the pictures are of another woman, while some are of her that she doesn't remember. All have the fiancé in them. The fiancé comes around the corner, tells her that his plan is almost over, and says her trigger, turning her into that other woman, the missing patient. The therapist and the fiancé are brothers, but the therapist had nothing to do with it.

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