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The Idea Factory - How to Chase a Hitman

So, today's idea that I'll never get around to writing came to me while watching Hanna while I was on the treadmill. And, yes, I get far too many ideas from watching someone else's work. Also, I'm starting to think that I should have a different picture for this category of posts. Not like I'm going to make a book cover for each of these ideas, but, oh if only I had the time.

How to Chase a Hitman

The book starts out with the hitman going to their handler and telling them that it's done. Simple as that. Next chapter, a cop comes to the scene of the murder and starts working the case. The book continues to bounce between the hitman, who is trying to get out of there and cover his tracks, and the cop that's chasing him down. It's gradually revealed that the hitman is actually a spy for another country. The victim becomes important somehow. The cop is good and starts catching up with the spy. Not sure where the end is just yet, but it could go either way.

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