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2021 Year In Review

Well, it's New Year's Eve, and everyone is getting all nostalgic about the past year. I figured that I might as well too. Lots have happened in the past twelve months, especially for my writing. Top on the list is, of course, finishing the releases of my backlogs of books. From The Prophecy to NOCHY Spy, all 24 release ready books are out there in the world. It's been interesting to see how the world has been taking them.

On top of the releases, this year saw my first in person events. The first time that I spoke with other people about my books in person, in any real detail. Before my first event in August, my writing was just that. Mine. But now, I'm seeing it in a different light. My characters, who were mostly LGBT, are becoming more intentionally so, whereas in the past it was part of the plot for them to be. The plot ideas that became my best books were based around it. And as I move forward, I'll be keeping that in mind as I expand on the ideas that continue to come to me, faster than I can write them.

As always, I'm pushing forward. I have plenty of ideas, some of which I've started working on. Water's Eye taps into a new tone as the characters from The Doors of Despair move forward in their lives. Sports World explores the world of Pliant, where the economy is based solely around one sport, whether the people of the world liked it or not. Cary Simms starts with something new, not just with a new series but a new audience, as the books were more middle grade than the YA/GA that had been doing so far.

Not to mention this blog, and my monthly newsletter, both of which I'll be continuing into the new year. So far, they've been a great way of getting the word out about what is coming out, what I've been up to, and enticing new readers. I'm forever hopeful that my books will take off, not just so that I can quit my day job, but so that I can focus on my craft, and getting better at bringing the story out. For the story is everything.

Take care, everyone, and I hope to see you all in the new year.

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