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From the Publisher's Desk - Water's Eye

Well, it's a long weekend, and I have third drafts ready. That means it's time for a final read-through, making sure my next book is ready to go out. This time around, I had Friday off as well, so I worked on the book Saturday and Sunday instead of Sunday and Monday like normal. Also, it was the first time I did a final read-through with using my phone as my main PC, so that was... fun.

Usually, I'd just read through the book from start to finish, half on day 1 and half on day 2. Then the next day, I'd run it through Google Docs for the final check on grammar and spelling. This time around, I decided that I wanted to do all of that in the 2 days... plus get the trailer done... plus actually put the files up for pre-orders... AND do the print on demand covers.

So... yeah... it took a lot longer than normal. I worked 12 hours on the first day and 10 on the second. Part of that was... well, Water's Eye is my second longest book, at almost 150k words. Part of it was something just straight out broke my working file, and I had to copy the final product into an earlier version of the file, to restore the formatting. And that meant I had to redo the ToC for the e-book copy. That was not fun. Worse is that I no longer have a desktop version of Word to fall back on (without booting up my work PC).

But, in the end, I figured it all out. The files are all done (mostly... I think...) and the pre-orders are (soon to be) available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all the stores covered by Smashwords. Official release date is July 1st. I'm looking forward to Water's Eye, my 25th book, being available for people to read.

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