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Mature Audience Books (Latest Releases)

The following books include material not appropriate for younger readers. Suggested ages eighteen and up only. Parental discretion is advised.

Byte the Hand that Made You
Byte the Hand that Made You

Androids have been around for over twenty years, but the technology has gotten stagnant as of late. It was long since time for a third generation of androids to hit the market. For the mark three android to make its mark on the world.

When Ava first booted up, all she knew was her creator. The man was her everything. He had build her body, her very being. He was her god, though he never claimed that title. But as they get ready for the competition for which android would be the best out of all those vying for the title, things start to take an odd turn. Especially when the name Nita causes such a huge reaction in Ava’s creator.

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