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Door in the Sky

Maya San Lucas had been lost in her dreamworld for the better part of five years. Desparia was just a fantasy world for her to explore during stretches of boredom at school and at home. Going to that world let her have adventures, exploring secret locations, and searching through towns and cities for loot to come away with. The life of a thief was so much more exciting than high school, especially with no friends to speak of.

But then the three women she met outside the tavern arrived in front of that high school. The dreamworld that she had thought was only in her head suddenly proved to be completely real. More than that, they recognized her, knew her and remembered her being there with them as they traveled through the fortress of the emperor. The only question that was fresh on their mind was how Maya had made it to that strange world ahead of them. What they should have been wondering was how they were going to get home. More than that, what would they do when their enemies came to Earth hunting for them.

Tina and Serena Montegra came into the service of The Great Tree at a young age. Growing up under the tutelage of their father, they took to her teachings well and easily. But as the emperor's troopers came to their doorstep, they left nothing but devastation in their wake. Only by the blessings of their goddess, and the training they had gotten before it, were they able to survive. Unfortunately, when you're twelve, there's not much you can do against the force of the empire.

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The Awakening

"An unreliable narrator goes down the rabbit hole of an unreliable world in THE AWAKENING, the latest entry in Crowbarland Chronicles series, which leaves readers plenty to be uneasy about. Read it with the lights on!"

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