Delnadian Invasion (Chronological Order)

Alien Fireworks Cover.jpg
Alien Fireworks

The crew of the Nos was exploring deep space when they stumbled upon a planet that showed signs of intelligent life. When sending down a probe to investigate, it was shot down by the locals. Grant, the stranded pilot must navigate this alien terrain while staying out of sight of the locals, hoping that the crew above would be able to save him. Meanwhile, the crew is worried that the ship will be the next target for the locals. And when communications with the homeworld are suddenly lost, they must deal with the very real possibility that their alone against the unknown forces below.

Alien Life Cover.jpg
Alien Life

For the better part of the past twenty years, Scar Bron has been the translator for the local alien population. But as feelings blossom in their small community and tracks leading from the forest suggest that the stories of wild humans might not be stories, she must decide which side she's really on in the growing conflict.

Alien Death Cover.jpg
Alien Death

After being banished from Earth with the rest of the delnadians, Scar Bron is surrounded by the those she had considered her people. As the secrets that had been kept to her were laid bare, she's forced to realize that the delnadians aren't as strong and unbeatable as she once thought. They need to work together to return back home. But what will they find when they get there?

Alien War Cover.jpg
Alien War

Ousted from her home and sentenced to death by both sides, Scar Bron is left with few people that she could truly trust. Helping her long lost brother, and the band of humans that he had fallen in with, might be her only way forward, as the battle for the future of Earth starts in earnest. Only, perhaps, there is more going on in the slave camps than meets the eye.