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The Prophecy

The village of Contranor had a strange tradition. Everyone who was born in the village would go up into the mountains to the north on their sixteenth birthday. The mountains were home to a group of mages called the Oracles. They gave each of the residents a prophecy, one that would dictate the rest of their lives. Mostly, it was who to marry or what career they would be best suited for. But everyone got one.

Everyone, but Hope. When it came to her turn, the oracles told her that she had no prophecy. Not that she had no future, just no prophecy. Instead, Hope was forced to make one up for herself, lest she look out of place among the rest of the village. But when her friends get conflicting prophecies, she's stuck trying to repair the damage that the lie had done. Not just with her family's reputation, but the friendships that her lie had strained.

With her future on hold, Hope decides to help out her friend Jack in his own prophecy. It leads them on a path outside of their quiet little village, out into the world that neither of them were prepared for. And beyond it. But none of their little band expected just where their prophecies would lead them.

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Mountain Princess

Hidden within an impassible mountain range was the small kingdom of Hilland. The crown princess, Her Royal Highness Princess Talia VI, was meant to get married to Prince Bleeker of Lolland. The two neighboring kingdoms had been at odds with each other for centuries. Except that Talia really did love Bleeker, and they were both looking forward to their marriage. But on the day of the wedding, Hilland was attacked, by Lolland. No one who was in attendance at the wedding survived. No one but Talia.

Left alone, surrounded by enemies everywhere, Talia is forced to escape her own home. She finds protection and love among her subjects, though most don't know that it is her. A royal in exile, within her own kingdom, Talia is left to pick up the pieces of her life. To find some semblance of normalcy with the enemy all around her. Knowing that most of the people, her subjects, would want her to reclaim the thrown from Lolland. Knowing that trusting the wrong person would mean her death.