Books Coming Out in the Next Year

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Gates of the Inferno

Maya San Lucas had been lost in her dreamworld for the better part of five years. Desparia was just a fantasy world for her to explore during stretches of boredom at school and at home. Going to that world let her have adventures, exploring secret locations, and searching through towns and cities for loot to come away with. The life of a thief was so much more exciting than high school, especially with no friends to speak of.

After the battle at the museum, Maya returns to her dreamworld, this time in person. But was she really ready for the world of Desparia? Still stuck within the emperor's stronghold, the group continues in their quest to defeat the enemy that threatens the lives of everyone in the world. Everyone that doesn't conform to his idea of normal. But as they go deeper within the magical maze, they're sent straight to the heart of the afterlife. Surrounded by powerful beings, they must confront their own internal demons that rival those that surround them in the flesh. When you're stuck in hell, the only way out is through.

When Heather first came into her powers, it wasn't the smoothest of transitions into the role of a mage initiate. Her magic destroyed her childhood home, with her parents along with it. As her powers continued to rage beyond her control, only the help of her new teacher could possibly let her go back to the normal life she so longed for. But when the emperor comes knocking, her choices are stripped from her, and her future is no longer her own.

Expected May 1, 2021

Heavens Door.jpg
Heaven's Door

Forecasted for June 1, 2021

Door to Victory.jpg
Door to Victory

Foreseen Release Date July 1, 2021

No One Can Hear You Travel

Dor and Kenya have been best friends since they first met in middle school, when Dor had just moved to the planet New Kansas. As they graduated at the top of their high school class, their futures were looking bright. But when their applications to The Pilgrims, the space exploration agency, was denied, they were left scrambling for some way forward. Their other options were limited, and none would keep them together. Or so they thought.

Both of Dor's parents had retired from The Terran Alliance Fleet, the main military and policing force of the known worlds. She always thought that she'd rather be caught dead than signing up. That is, until the recruiter insisted that they could stay together while enlisted. The catch? They'd have to get married. 33rd century or not, that sort of thing just wasn't done on New Kansas.

On the way to basic training, their group was waylaid by pirates. With help too far off, they take it upon themselves to try to escape their captors. After all, in space, no one can hear you travel.

Looking Forward To Releasing August 1, 2021

No One Can Hear You Train

Predicted for September 1, 2021

No One Can Hear You Thrive

Preparing for Release October 1, 2021

No One Can Hear You Fly

Prophesized to be Released November 1, 2021

No One Can Hear You Spy

Prospected for December 1, 2021