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Door in the Sky.jpg
Door in the Sky

Maya San Lucas had been lost in her dreamworld for the better part of five years. Desparia was just a fantasy world for her to explore during stretches of boredom at school and at home. Going to that world let her have adventures, exploring secret locations, and searching through towns and cities for loot to come away with. The life of a thief was so much more exciting than high school, especially with no friends to speak of.

But then the three women she met outside the tavern arrived in front of that high school. The dreamworld that she had thought was only in her head suddenly proved to be completely real. More than that, they recognized her, knew her and remembered her being there with them as they traveled through the fortress of the emperor. The only question that was fresh on their mind was how Maya had made it to that strange world ahead of them. What they should have been wondering was how they were going to get home. More than that, what would they do when their enemies came to Earth hunting for them.

Tina and Serena Montegra came into the service of The Great Tree at a young age. Growing up under the tutelage of their father, they took to her teachings well and easily. But as the emperor's troopers came to their doorstep, they left nothing but devastation in their wake. Only by the blessings of their goddess, and the training they had gotten before it, were they able to survive. Unfortunately, when you're twelve, there's not much you can do against the force of the empire.

Minds Door.jpg
The Mind's Door

Maya San Lucas had been lost in her dreamworld for the better part of five years. Desparia was just a fantasy world for her to explore during stretches of boredom at school and at home. Going to that world let her have adventures, exploring secret locations, and searching through towns and cities for loot to come away with. The life of a thief was so much more exciting than high school, especially with no friends to speak of.

When she met the three women outside the tavern, everything changed. While she never seemed to have much control over her daydreamed world, her skills had always been there to help her through it. But as they gradually faded, Maya was forced to tag along with the group as they stormed the fortified home of the emperor. Their plan was to kill him, but Maya just wanted to make it out of there alive. Perhaps with a few items of worth along the way. After all, what was the point in breaking into a place without coming away with some loot?

It all started so innocently, when Maya had first started going to Desparia. All she wanted out of life was not to be lost and alone as she started out in middle school. But when her father died unexpectedly, and her friends abandoned and ostracized her, the only way that she could turn was inward. Inward to the world just on the other side of her mind.

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Mountain Princess

Hidden within an impassible mountain range was the small kingdom of Hilland. The crown princess, Her Royal Highness Princess Talia VI, was meant to get married to Prince Bleeker of Lolland. The two neighboring kingdoms had been at odds with each other for centuries. Except that Talia really did love Bleeker, and they were both looking forward to their marriage. But on the day of the wedding, Hilland was attacked, by Lolland. No one who was in attendance at the wedding survived. No one but Talia.

Left alone, surrounded by enemies everywhere, Talia is forced to escape her own home. She finds protection and love among her subjects, though most don't know that it is her. A royal in exile, within her own kingdom, Talia is left to pick up the pieces of her life. To find some semblance of normalcy with the enemy all around her. Knowing that most of the people, her subjects, would want her to reclaim the thrown from Lolland. Knowing that trusting the wrong person would mean her death.

The Prophecy.jpg
The Prophecy

The village of Contranor had a strange tradition. Everyone who was born in the village would go up into the mountains to the north on their sixteenth birthday. The mountains were home to a group of mages called the Oracles. They gave each of the residents a prophecy, one that would dictate the rest of their lives. Mostly, it was who to marry or what career they would be best suited for. But everyone got one.

Everyone, but Hope. When it came to her turn, the oracles told her that she had no prophecy. Not that she had no future, just no prophecy. Instead, Hope was forced to make one up for herself, lest she look out of place among the rest of the village. But when her friends get conflicting prophecies, she's stuck trying to repair the damage that the lie had done. Not just with her family's reputation, but the friendships that her lie had strained.

With her future on hold, Hope decides to help out her friend Jack in his own prophecy. It leads them on a path outside of their quiet little village, out into the world that neither of them were prepared for. And beyond it. But none of their little band expected just where their prophecies would lead them.

Alien War Cover.jpg
Alien War

Ousted from her home and sentenced to death by both sides, Scar Bron is left with few people that she could truly trust. Helping her long lost brother, and the band of humans that he had fallen in with, might be her only way forward, as the battle for the future of Earth starts in earnest. Only, perhaps, there is more going on in the slave camps than meets the eye.

Alien Death Cover.jpg
Alien Death

After being banished from Earth with the rest of the delnadians, Scar Bron is surrounded by the those she had considered her people. As the secrets that had been kept to her were laid bare, she's forced to realize that the delnadians aren't as strong and unbeatable as she once thought. They need to work together to return back home. But what will they find when they get there?

Alien Life Cover.jpg
Alien Life

For the better part of the past twenty years, Scar Bron has been the translator for the local alien population. But as feelings blossom in their small community and tracks leading from the forest suggest that the stories of wild humans might not be stories, she must decide which side she's really on in the growing conflict.

Alien Fireworks Cover.jpg
Alien Fireworks

The crew of the Nos was exploring deep space when they stumbled upon a planet that showed signs of intelligent life. When sending down a probe to investigate, it was shot down by the locals. Grant, the stranded pilot must navigate this alien terrain while staying out of sight of the locals, hoping that the crew above would be able to save him. Meanwhile, the crew is worried that the ship will be the next target for the locals. And when communications with the homeworld are suddenly lost, they must deal with the very real possibility that their alone against the unknown forces below.

Missing Mars.jpg
Missing Mars

In the year 2024, four astronauts depart on a one way journey to Mars. Due to various malfunctions, the crew miss the planet entirely, doomed to continue onward into the void of space until their limited resources expire. Instead of meeting that fate, they were surprised to find themselves on a mysterious alien planet where they are the subject of the local religion. Now they must make friends with the locals, fight the evil dictatorship, and sneak in and out of military bases in order to find each other again and figure out a way home.

Doctor Tray Finsglad stumbles on a conspiracy targeting the first Martian colonists. Now he has to find a way to save the doomed crew, a task that spans generations. This journey leads a space crew to find a primitive alien race and, inadvertently, alter the course of their development forever.

Last Scientist Cover.jpg
The Last Scientist


In a world where magic has supplanted science, those that can use it become the new upper class, while those that can't are cast out into the world, barely getting by. Eric, the last scientist, sets out to change all that, to restore a balance lost decades ago. But when a young mage is killed in front of him, he must struggle to get away from the dogged pursuit of the Mage Authority and coerce anyone he needs to in order to finish his quest. Even those that would work against their own interest in the process.


Bethany is the leader of her investigative team of the Mage Authority. When she gets assigned the case of the wrongful death of a young mage, she is thrown down the rabbit hole of conspiracies and intrigue. Will she be able to find the mage responsible before the politics of the guild system forces her to arrest the wrong man?


Ardith is broke and in debt. Despite her own abilities, the world of magic just wasn't working for like it should have. So, when the mysterious man appeared with promises of silver, she jumped at the chance to make some money. It was her first real work out of the academy, but if she isn't careful, it may be her last.

Light Through the Windows

When Ellie first started at college, thinking her high school concerns were behind her, she expected the biggest issue of the new semester was avoiding being embarrassed by her professor of a father. But, when a strange group of students showed an unnatural interest in her, she's forced to dust off that special set of skills they had taught her at boarding school. With her new friends, Ellie searches for information on the group, trying to subvert their plans before they came for her. She wasn't expecting where the trail would lead her, or the disaster waiting to happen.

Crowbarland Prep

Marissa Gorning has been going to Crowbarland Preparatory School since first grade. Its unique curriculum has given her skills beyond the norm for a teen her age. She didn't think much about it until the new girl came to school. Now, Mare and Ellie have to solve the disappearance of Ellie's father and, in the process, stumble upon the mysteries of their world beyond anything they had considered.

Angels Innocence 3.jpg
Angels' Innocence

Miranda was a single mother, just trying to get by on a barista's salary. When he came into the coffee shop, she just thought he was a homeless person, in for a handout. But when her Hero saved her from a mugging, a little act of kindness brought them closer than she would have expected. But when the mysterious executives of Angel Corp took too much of an interest in him, a mystery started to unfold, whether she was ready for it or not. Little did she know what that little act of kindness would do to her life. For when you entertain strangers, angels might not be so far away.

Demon Force Cover3.jpg
Demons Force

Nothing seemed to happen on December 21st, 2012, when the Mayan calendar heralded the end of the world. At least until the portals showed up on the evening news. With the demons invading the Pacific Northwest, a new agency was tasked to policing them. When Agent Hank Gorning started investigating the death of one of these demons, the case quickly seemed to be unsolvable. As all his leads turned into nothing, he took a tip from the strangest place. He wasn't expecting that tip to lead him to stumble upon a conspiracy to rid the world of all demons. But when you play with demons, you're likely to get burned.

The Awakening.jpg
The Awakening

With the blood of her ex-husband, Greg, still on her hands, Natalie Jennings is pulled into the police station yet again. This time, it was for a crime that she actually committed. When Angela, Greg's widow, came to her defense, the police were forced to let her go. And Natalie was left with the looming question of What's Next. As Greg's voice joined those that had plagued her all her life, she moves in with Angela, only to strike up a relationship with her. As the two women grow closer, they're attacked by a strange, alien creature. Now Natalie must figure out what happened to her friend, while she deals with her feelings for her, and her own declining sanity as it all starts to be too much for her to deal with.

In time for prom-CMorphy.jpg
In Time for Prom


Carrie Beerson was late for work when she got pulled into a paranormal space by a mad scientist, only looking for a guinea pig for his experiment; the creation of an alternate world, an alternate time. When given the option, there was only one place she wanted to go; her high school prom. Not going to her prom was one of the many things she missed out on, being stuck growing up male in the late 20th century. After a wonderful night, she finds herself stuck in the past, stuck at the most awkward period of her life. She must deal with the tensions of growing up trans, all over again, this time out in the light of day, with the eyes of her school upon her. As the weeks go by, she finds that the past isn't how she remembers it, as events warp themselves around her. Time was quickly catching up to her as the chances to change the greatest tragedy of her lifetime quickly start to fade. Will the friends she made along the way help her in her pursuit of righting that wrong, or only get in her way? Who are these mysterious agents that are investigating the events leading up to that day? And what is with the black sedan following her everywhere she goes?